I Have a Good Feeling About This: Part II

Female Han Solo Cosplay

After many many hours of thrift hunting, reconstructing, sculpting, and learning the art of crafting leather, I can finally debut my female Han Solo cosplay!  I think the idea got subconsciously implanted in my head when I saw my coworker wearing a navy canvas mid-collar cargo jacket to work one day with some black slacks. I immediately thought he looked like Cloud City Han Solo, but that was it. Fast forward a few weeks where I was browsing some Padme and Leia cosplays online and thinking “Could I pass for a Leia or Padme??”. After getting some froyo to think it over, I suddenly got the idea of being a female Han Solo instead of going for the obvious female Star Wars character. And today’s the day I finally get to wear it! Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing falls apart, but that’s why I’ll have my cosplay emergency kit handy!

Stay tuned for more pics from SDCC 2012 and follow up tutorials on how I put the cosplay together, but in the meantime, here are some test shots I took earlier this week.

Female Han Solo CosplayFemale Han Solo CosplayFemale Han Solo Cosplay

8 thoughts on “I Have a Good Feeling About This: Part II

    • Haha thanks! Day 1 was not TOO bad! People who weren’t paying that much attention just thought I was wearing a shirt and vest! It’s only when I actually stopped to take a photo that I would get mobbed. :p

  1. You look fantastic, when I came across your pic it inspired me to write a story where a female character does actually dress like this. I never really honestly thought about a female dressing like Han Solo but you’ve pulled it off well, even the shirt, must be hard getting exactly the right clothes full marks well done. I assume your real name is Emily. I’ll be citing you as inspiration if I ever do write the story lol

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