Rainbow Connection

SDCC Sanrio Suspenders Rainbow Tee Geeky OutfitMy posts may always seem like sunshine and rainbows, but I assure you that it’s not always that way. The last couple of weeks have been a bit rough to say the least – multiple doctor appointments plus some annual exams to make sure I’m still in remission, which definitely put me on an emotional roller coaster. Surviving cancer is a triumphant thing, but people often forget once you’ve survived, it’s never really the end. It’s really just a journey where often times the first couple years are still filled with doctor appointments, blood draws, and constant check ups. You think a lot about the percentages, making it to your yearly milestone, and worries about things that may potentially cause a recurrence. I still have my days where I feel sorry for myself and wish my life wasn’t the way it is, but I also have days where I feel great and just want to be a rainbowWhich brings me to this shirt. Um yeah, it has freakin rainbow suspenders plus all your classic Sanrio characters so what’s not to love?! I’m normally not a Sanrio fangirl, but this tee totally brings me back to my childhood filled with Sanrio sticker books, fruity tasting gum, and collectible writing utensils galore. Which is why after so many doctor appointments and finally knowing that I have a clean bill of health, it’s the perfect outfit to celebrate those small victories.

SDCC Sanrio Suspenders Rainbow Tee Geeky OutfitSDCC Sanrio Suspenders Rainbow Tee Geeky OutfitSDCC Sanrio Suspenders Rainbow Tee Geeky OutfitSDCC Sanrio Suspenders Rainbow Tee Geeky OutfitCute Geeky Sanrio Nerdy Outfit SDCC Sanrio Suspenders Rainbow Tee

The Goods:

  • Sanrio Rainbow Suspenders Tee (Sanrio)
  • Plaid Skirt (1138 Clothing, buy here)
  • Kawaii Glasses (similar here), Sanrio Watch (available here)
  • Pointed Wedge Heels (Nine West, similar here)

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