In the Name of the Moon

GU Uniqlo Sailor Moon shirt outfit

I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture ever since I can remember – from cosplay to lolita fashion, the Harajuku to Shibuya districts, Japanese toys and goodies, and of course all things cute. One of my first obsessions with Japanese culture came from Sailor Moon. I remember it clearly – my parents had gone on a trip to Japan and my dad brought me back one of these book “guides” to Sailor Moon when it must have been on TV in Japan. I had never even watched or heard of this show, but I poured over the material inside the book like I was studying it. Inside was all sorts of cool artwork, screenshots from TV episodes, character descriptions, and basically everything you wanted to know about that season. Of course I couldn’t read a single word of it because it was in Japanese, but regardless, I was addicted. Fast forward many many years later where I finally got to be a Sailor Scout and still get excited whenever I get something Sailor Moon related. This shirt was given to me by some friends who recently went to Tokyo and it’s incredible that even though the fandom has been around for so long, it still has such a huge following – both old and new. I can’t really see Sailor Moon ever going away and I’m completely ok with that. Does anyone else have any cool memories of discovering Sailor Moon for the first time? I’d love to hear your stories!

GU Uniqlo Sailor Moon shirt outfitGU Uniqlo Sailor Moon shirt outfitGU Uniqlo Sailor Moon shirt outfitGU Uniqlo Sailor Moon shirt outfitGU Uniqlo Sailor Moon shirt outfitMarc Jacobs Pink Snapshot outfit

The Goods:

  • Sailor Moon Luna Ruffle Shirt (GU Uniqlo, check here for availability)
  • Ruffle Hem Shorts (Top Shop, similar here and here)
  • Jewelry: Necklace (Gorjana), Earrings (House of Harlow 1960)
  • Crossbody Purse (Marc Jacobs, Style Snapshot, buy here)
  • Strappy Sandals (similar here and here)

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