Celebrating Star Wars

Junk Food Clothing Star Wars Tank with Quilted Floral skirt

Star Wars Celebration just kicked off and even though I am dying to be there, I’m just going to have to be there in spirit. I mean, how awesome was it that they live streamed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel with JJ Abrams and showed us the new trailer? I don’t know about you, but watching the panel, seeing more on set photos, being introduced to BB8 and then seeing the second trailer just made my day literally brought tears to my eyes. I’ve actually been pretty torn about this movie since I’m one of those fans who is trying to avoid spoilers, but at the same time, is dying to see more, but after seeing the new trailer, I can’t wait. How awesome was that intro scene? And what is that chrome Stormtrooper?? So many questions, yet I don’t want any answers. Anyhow, Star Wars Celebration is kicking off, spring is almost here, and there’s just a lot of Star Wars love all around this week! I can’t wait!

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Casual Lady Vader

Junk Food Vader tee with hi-low skirtEven when I’m not dressed up as Lady Vader, sometimes I still feel like I’m channeling my inner Vader. I actually wore this outfit the other day to work and someone commented that my skirt looked like a cape. That may sound a little strange, but it actually felt like the perfect compliment considering Vader’s cape is a big part of his dark and looming presence. Even though this skirt is far from terrifying, maybe it’s enough to bring you to the dark side? :D

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Caught in a Web (of Cosplay)

Spider-Man Tank top and peplum skirt

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week and I’m so ready for some fun in the sun. Well, that is if I can drag myself away from cosplay making to get some sun! San Diego Comic Con is only 4 weeks away, which means crunch time for cosplay making. It’s definitely a challenge to stay motivated, not procrastinate, and not feel discouraged when you face difficulties. To anyone else out there working hard on their cosplays – best of luck and as I would say in Chinese, “jia you!”, which literally means “add oil”, but translates to something like “Let’s GO!”.

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The Feminine Side of Star Wars

Star Wars Crop Top and BCBGMaxazria Skirt

Star Wars has no problem making headlines, but when Kirsten Dunst recently appeared at the Met Gala in the Rodarte Death Star gown, it definitely made people rethink their view on Star Wars, geek fashion, and that maybe geek really is the new “chic”. Although the Rodarte Star Wars gowns aren’t exactly my favorites in terms of the dress style and even how the graphics are used, the fact that geek fashion is getting so much attention is still a plus in my book. So what do you guys think of all this Star Wars fashion and celebs wearing them? With all this Star Wars on the mind, today’s outfit is a more feminine take on something that can easily be more masculine. Get ready for lots of pink!

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Stormy Days

Stormtrooper tank top and mini skirt outfit

I always get some sort of con-withdrawal after attending a big con, especially since this year’s Wondercon was so much fun. With me missing the con scene and being in cosplay, I decided today’s outfit should be something a little more “costume-y”. With this Stormtrooper tank mimicking the boxy structure of a Stormtrooper uniform, I wanted to pair it with something more structured or geometric. And this peplum skirt is definitely “the skirt I’m looking for…”

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Fully Operational Outfit

Black Milk Star Wars Death Star Dress Outfit

As a fan of Black Milk’s entire line of Star Wars items, I’ve had this Death Star dress for a while now. And I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always found it a little challenging when it comes to how to wear something so eye-catching outside of the convention halls and into the “normal” public. With the way the dresses are shown on the Black Milk site, it’s hard to get ideas on what to wear with them. Well, I took that as a challenge and here’s what I came up with. What do you wear with your BM dresses? Comment below and share your favorite things to wear with BM stuff!

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Fun & Flirty in Star Wars

Star Wars Crop top and floral skirt outfit

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I decided today’s outfit had to be a bit fun and flirty! I’m not really one to show much skin, but I suddenly didn’t seem to care when I saw this amazing R2-D2 centered crop top. And as for the flirty part, you can’t go wrong with a floral skirt, especially one with a little bit of poof underneath.  Hope your v-day is filled with love!

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