Cosplay WIP – Prepping for Wondercon 2013

Princess Bubblegum Pink Wig

So… the big question is, who was able to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con this past Saturday?? Even though I actually already have my tickets, I was online helping a friend anyways and just like the other hundreds of thousands of people, I too was trying to connect to those awful servers. And after two years in a row of somehow magically getting into that waiting room, I’m starting to believe that my computer is pretty damn lucky!

You might think that the ginormous San Diego Comic Con is my favorite con, but actually Wondercon, coming up at the end of March, is one of my favorite cons of the year, that is, when it was still just a short drive away in SF. Now that it’s in Anaheim, it’s definitely a little more difficult to go, but I figured I could always just make a trip out of it and head to Disneyland. So it’s official, I’m going to Wondercon! Of course once I was committed to going, I immediately started brainstorming some cosplay.

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Pikachu Cosplay Tutorial and Wondercon 2011

Wondercon 2011- Pikachu Cosplay
After a super fun Friday at Wondercon, I had no problem waking up bright and early for another geek filled day. But instead of putting on yet another Star Wars T-shirt, today I was going as… dun dun da dahh… PIKACHU! Here’s my original concept art for it. Professional, I know! Continue reading