Casual Lady Vader

Junk Food Vader tee with hi-low skirtEven when I’m not dressed up as Lady Vader, sometimes I still feel like I’m channeling my inner Vader. I actually wore this outfit the other day to work and someone commented that my skirt looked like a cape. That may sound a little strange, but it actually felt like the perfect compliment considering Vader’s cape is a big part of his dark and looming presence. Even though this skirt is far from terrifying, maybe it’s enough to bring you to the dark side? :D

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Mathematical Fashion

Geometric Top and Textured Midi Skirt

I don’t know if it’s just the math nerd or the fashion geek in me, but I’ve always been drawn to geometric patterned clothing. There’s something very logical about these kind of pieces – from the way the shapes in this blouse fit together like a puzzle or the way the square textures on the skirt are so evenly placed. I even love that the details on these shoes are laser-cut to precision. With all these shapes, patterns, and textures, I figured why not mix them all together? Happy Friday and have a logical and fabulous weekend!

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To Bead or Not To Bead

Super 7 Star Wars Arcade Shirt and Nasty Gal Beaded Skirt

I must still have armor on the mind because today’s skirt definitely has an “armor” feel to it. I’m loving these gold and silver intricate beads on this skirt that make it way more metallic looking than it really is. Paired with one of my favorite shirts that combines Star Wars and a classic arcade game, it’s just a win-win situation. Even though this is a men’s shirt, ┬átucking it in and rolling up the sleeves a tad bit really makes a difference to the fit, don’t you think?

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Armored Apparel

Sheer Lace dress - wedding outfitI just realized it’s nearly the end of summer and I haven’t done my typical yearly wedding outfit post! Even if wedding season is almost over, this year I’ve been pretty inspired by armor (both seeing it in person in Paris and making armor for my Dragonslayer Ornstein cosplay) and with that, you’ll understand why I am loving this lace dress. The front lace designs remind me of something that might be on a shield or some medieval wear and the long sleeves make this dress something you could wear all year round. With so many weddings and so many dresses, it’s always nice to find something a little different. So, what is your go-to wedding outfit?

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Star Wars Summers

Junk Food Star wars tank top and cutoff shorts

With today being the last day of September (and maybe me still trying to hold on to the warm California weather), today’s outfit features yet another favorite piece from Junk Food Clothing. Although you can find Junk Food shirts here and there online, I have a tip to share with you. One of the best places to find some really unique Star Wars pieces from Junk Food is actually in Disneyland! Both the Star Trader store in Disneyland and the D Street store in Downtown Disney carry a variety of unique Star Wars tees, hoodies, and tanks that most of the time are not sold anywhere else. This unfortunately means that the one I’m wearing is not sold online, but maybe now you’ll have an excuse to hit up Disneyland!
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To the Ice Kingdom!

Adventure Time Ice Kingdom Gunter Leggings

With the rise in popularity of BlackMilk’s amazing leggings, it only makes sense that other brands would start to follow suit. For any Adventure Time and My Little Pony fans out there,┬áhas started adding leggings to their collection and they are amazing! I spotted a pair at SDCC this year and instantly fell in love with these Ice Kingdom themed ones (plus how can you resist the cuteness of Gunter?). When it comes to what to wear with a pair of eye catching leggings, I recommend wearing something flowy and loose, but maybe with an interesting detail. Something like a high-low tee with or without simple graphics or maybe a sheer button down are my go-to pieces. As for shoes, you can’t go wrong with ankle boots or booties!

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Another Year, Another Disneyland Outfit

Junk Food Empires Strikes Back shirt and tribal shorts

I’m finally back and recovered from Disneyland! I’m also sadly one year older. Sigh! Attempting 24 hours at Disneyland was crazy. I think we ended up spending something like 16 hours there, and even though we didn’t survive the entire 24 hours (we only made it until 3am), I had a blast! Parades at midnight, breakfast burritos, dance parties, TV crews, and people dressed up in costumes and even in their pajamas! It was an amazing experience, but I will probably never do it again! I definitely felt like a zombie once midnight passed and the drive home was torture. But with that, I wanted to share my Disneyland outfit of the day! Happy Friday!

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